Zynga Texas Holdem Poker

“Addicted to poker”… that’s how I define my friends now in real life and in facebook today.. and I think I’m going to be one, just like them… soon

Zynga Texas Holdem poker, is being played by hundreds of thousand users in facebook everyday, its an online browser based poker game where you are given chips when you’re still a newbie, which you can use on your gambling journey to the world of poker

It is played like this, all players are given 2 face down cards called hole card in the beginning and five community are being dealt by the dealer in the process, all players can call or raise bet using their chips and in the end, the pot goes to the player who has the highest card strength.

Hand Strength is categorized from the highest to the lowest which are the following:
Royal Flush,Straight Flush,Four of a kind,Full House,Flush,Straight,Three of a kind,Two Pair, One Pair, and no hand

Aside from your chance of winning real dollars by participating through weekly zynga texas holdem poker contest they held inside the game, these zynga poker chips are also being sold in real money (pesos/dollars), that’s why some people tend to play this texas holdem poker game just for the “income part of it”, they collect chips and sell it to those who need it.

zynga texas hold em poker is a great game and a good time waster , it is also a great tool for all those who want to learn poker, just like in other games.. just don’t get to addicted to it 🙂

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