The good, the bot and the trash talker

Remember my blog post about an example of a good seed inside online games?

let’s talk about it some more… but for now its the counterpart

because If there’s a good seed there’s always a ” bad seed ”

There are lots of nice players inside online games which you can encounter, there’s the helpful type , the one that will guide you to a quest or even help you for a change job , some are those types that will even give you in game items that can only be bought by real cash.

But we can’t hide the fact that online games are also infested by rude, cheaters, bug abusers, boastful and trash talker players much like in the real world.

Here’s my very own “bad seed” player’s list”:

  • cheaters are born every 15 minutes – players who use 3rd party programs that activates a cheat inside an online game.
  • bug abusers are born everytime there’s a bug to exploit – players who exploits bugs inside online games for their own advantage, whether its for a game currency or item duplication, etc.
  • botters are born every 5 minutes – and that’s an estimated time that will take you to download the bot program if you’re on a high speed dsl, — compare to rude players, bot players are very kind, they’ll even greet you with their configured smiley emoticon when they see you.
  • judgemental players are everywhere – these are the kind of players who always make false accusations to other players disregarding all the facts, and without any real evidence.
  • trash talkers are born every 2 minutes – these types will try to insult you, attacking you using figurative language, provoking you to fight back , they want to see you explode and lose your composure that can affect your gameplay.

  • pseudo-noob trash talker are born every 2 seconds – Old players that create new accounts, beating high level players to ridicule them and to show them that they’ve been beaten by a noob (newbie), — this pseudo noob players love to trash talk , trying to embarrass and intimidate everyone for their skill level
  • boastful players are in every game you can think of -these are the air headed players who are good in a specific game , has a high level character or rather a good skill in a specific game BUT is not accepted by the community because of their boastful manner.
  • rude players – these are the kind of players you don’t even want to talk to or begin to deal with. they’re full of bad attitude, they most likely have all of the characteristics you can attach to a “bad seed”

The big question is —

How the hell can we stop them?

the sad fact is .. we can’t stop them, but game companies can do something to lessen their numbers– and that only applies to bots, cheats and bug exploits, that’s why there are game patches and updates to prevent such game vulnerabilities on online games.

but most of the things that are listed above are categorized as a player’s behavioral problem, we can’t do anything about that,

It all boils down on how an individual was brought up by his / her parents, — on which environment he belongs, and there’s a lot of other questions to be ask,

does he have a painful childhood, is he a victim of a crime, is he a victim of bullying when he was still a kid? does he have an attention-deficit disorder? is he an attention seeker? maybe he just does it for fun, maybe it makes him happy when he’s cheating on others? maybe it makes him feel good when his making others feel miserable with his trash talking?

there are lots of reasons why people show bad attitude in online games,

so anytime you encounter a player that shows bad attitude in any games you play , just think that he has a certain illness that needs special attention–

a psychiatrist perhaps.

treat him good and just type a smiley emoticon 🙂

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  1. Jerome

    Huwaaaw Idol. the good and the bot 😛

  2. Lacerta

    Waw may blog ka pala! Ewan ko kung naalala nyo pa po ko pero madalas tayo magkalaro nung close beta pa lang haha

  3. Kending Kamias

    kung yung nick mo na gamit mo noong cbt days e yung first name
    mo sa email mo, e hindi nga ako nagkakamali at ikaw nga yun
    syempre naaalala pa kita hehe

    salamat sa pagbisita ha! 🙂

  4. Mommy On Top

    Mahirap gamutin ang masamang ugali. Hope to race with you again soon! 🙂

  5. Kending Kamias

    onga mommy hehe

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