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LU Live 2007 fan film

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Kending Kamias “the character” was first introduced way back november last year,

it is an entry I made for the fan film competition of Level Up Live 2007,
this flash animation was purely made in “flash” for a total of 2 days,
one day of september, and the day before the deadline,

some tweakings was also done when I was about to send a cd copy to level up games office through postal mail

I’m a procrastinator, I want to do something, but I want to do it in a later time,

so because of this ” bad attitude ” of mine , the whole idea I have in mind before I started doing the flash animation was done in a hurry, story was cut short and revised to meet the deadline.

and Tadaaaaaaaa,

it ended up as a simple and crappy flash animation,

It won 3rd place, but it also has a background story why it won,
the real 3rd place was disqualified because they’ve used a copyrighted music,
so the winning part of my entry was just pure luck.

this fan film was originally made for flyff (fly for fun)

“Flyff Exercise ni Kending Kamias”


concepts and ideas are already done in my mind
if ever I wanted to join again in the LU live 2008 fan film competition

but I’m still not animating right now.


I’m a procrastinator!

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