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Crazy kart closed beta and the annoying internet connection

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

When it comes in choosing online games, At first, I will look for game reviews of that particular game, along with that are in-game screenshots, and if they’re not available I will look for small clips that can be found in video sharing websites like youtube.

I always do that when I want to know if a game client is worth downloading. because most of the time, a game client will take hours of downloading because of their big sizes, it is very time consuming for a person like me who has an internet speed which is only a portion of what the other side of the world has.

Compare to most of Japanese internet users who are experiencing 100MBPS of fiber optic internet speed, I only have 0.5 of that for a wireless broadband which is unsafe from lightning and gets easily disconnected when it rains. (more…)

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