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Crazy Kart Valentine | Xtorm Paradise

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

A valentine patch was made on Crazy kart Philippines

a new map called Xtorm Paradise was added, a Valentine accessory Katas ng Dangwa, an Aircon taxi which you can buy using gold points, car paints for pinak benz was also made available.


Crazy Kart patch

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Crazy kart players are happy for the “crazy” patch that was recently added on crazy kart philippines,

with 2 new maps, lots of new cars, car paints, accessories and a chinese avatar, its nearly impossible not to be hook into this game.

what’s even more cooler is that the price of some cars and other usable items was brought down recently,

rejoice!! now we can all buy them at a cheaper price.

the cool new maps includes dinosaur paradise (level 10) and great wall of china (level 22), an LPG booster fuel was also added.

check out these cool items I’m talking about at their website

this added game features will put joy on both new and old crazy kart racers, but for the demanding players,  this patch is still not enough …

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Jeepney! beep beep!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

At last! I got my very own shiny red jeepney in crazykart,

beep beep!

and of course uncol rocker and many others got one too!

thanks to the 150k gold prize that we got from the crossover race event that was held in zone 3 this early morning.

did I say that there will be a race again tomorrow?

read here for more details -> crossover grand prix


by the way, kendingkamias comic strips is now also available at level up games webcomics page

I got a Free Kart

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Will you believe me If I say that good and kind-hearted players inside online games still exist?

Well, I’m a believer!

A very good example of the “good seeds” can be found at crazy kart philippines.

uncol (uncle) RockeR bought me a training kart out of his own pocket, I never asked for it, he just told me he wanted to buy me a training kart.

Maybe because he recognize that I’m not playing crazy kart for 2 days straight because my kart’s durability just passed its limit.

I feel very happy when he gave it to me as a crazy kart gift.
Its a training kart but a repairable one!


Crazy Kart Philippines Open Beta

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Crazy kart philippines will be wiping out all closed beta account on the 28th of July
in their preparation for the crazy kart open beta on July 31.
New avatars and cars will be introduce and we’ll be expecting more maps,

Did I say uber-cool but difficult, curvy and dangerous maps?

You’ll know what I’m saying when you watch these in-game footages I’ve found at youtube,

Mooncastle level 8 map

Ice Castle level 12 map (a hidden map that only shows up in “random map” mode)

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