Sony PS3 motion controller details

Sony unveiled a prototype of a wii like sensing motion controller for PS3 on E3 2009, but what’s make this new technology apart from others?

Ok, its a small gadget, more like a wand… that you can hold in your hands which makes contact with an eyetoy-like camera.. that you can then use as a controller and virtually transformed it to anything like.. a sword, mace, flash light, baseball bat, tennis racket, gun, fan, golf club, to bow and arrow..

watch video (E3 Demo)

As you can see on the video, the wand like device is very much precise when it comes to tracking, they’ve define it as the true 1:1 tracking where the virtual object moves exactly how you move. It can track up to four motion sensors at once,
and can be use in “some” old playstation games.

Its release date is expected on spring next year (2010) with undisclosed price.

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  1. Jam.

    Sabi nga nila. Ang PS3 Motion controller ay nasa gitna ng Wiimote at Project Natal. Pero xempre pinakamaganda ang project Natal dahil walang controller 😛

  2. Kending Kamias

    ganda nga nung project natal,
    parang upgraded na camspace XD

  3. Jam.

    camspace amf XD XD

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