Rohan Online speed hack , invisibility and noclipping

While most players are thinking on what character build and class they’ll be using when the rohan online philippines closed beta starts,

lots of this future local rohan players are already looking for bots and cheats that they can use inside the game.

I’ve found this small clip from youtube that shows a rohan online speed hack, invisibility and wall hack in action.

NOTE: Once again, HIGHLY DISCOURAGED cheating or the use of any 3rd party hacking programs.

no one knows if this is real or not, the owner of this video has a private WOW server, so it is possible that it is a footage from a private server as well.

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  1. matrix

    hay giv please download

  2. jerry

    give me the all hack rohan,graveyardran,and crazy kart pls…

    thank you!!!>..

  3. tadoho

    rohan online speed hack

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