Rohan Miracle Bow Quest Guide

Rohan online players are looking for this rohan miracle bow quest guide… because most of them doesn’t even know where to start, some can’t finish the said quest, while others doesn’t  get the reward that they’d expected.

So, I’ve visited some forums to find some guides but still… the guides that I saw are different with each other and can be confusing for some.

So, to find out whether this Miracle bow quest is really a chain quest or not…

A chain quest can be defined as a group of quest that must be completed in a sequence, the completion of the first quest is a prerequisite for the next quest and so on.

…I’m going to play rohan and gonna take the quest myself,
and once I’ve found out each and every crucial details for this miracle bow and divinity’s mark quest, I’m gonna make a step by stem tutorial and share it with you.

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  2. kamatis

    how can i finish my quest?”miracle bow quest”please help me…

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