Rakion Hack, Cheats, One Hit KO and God Mode

I’ve been a player of rakion philippines before, and back then I know nothing about hacks or cheats that can be use in the said game until I read about the Rakion One hit KO and God Mode.

Rakion is a room based 3rd person shooter style online game where you can choose your character from 5 different classes which are: mage, swordsmen, blacksmith, ninja, and archer, the mode of the gameplay depends on the room creator, it can be a solo deathmatch or team deathmatch, golem war, boss war, stage,clan war or basic mode.

One of the best features of the game that I like is the chaos mode where your character will become very much faster and stronger than before, just think of a pokemon who evolved.
Another thing that I like in the game is the use of cells which are the summonable creatures that will help you defeat an enemy.

Anyway, there are lots of information on the web about rakion gold hacks, stage hacks, one hit KO, god mode and such which I think are those that I encountered when I’m still playing the game, I can still remember that one time, a rakion swordsmen has summoned a red dragon even his level is still very low, he cannot be killed and also has a 1 hit killing ability.

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  1. OWaTOT12

    wahahahaha gwapo koh diba

  2. romzki

    bigyan nyu naman ako cheat ohh…. nakakabagot kasi maglaro ng walang cheat hahayz..

  3. Roy Cabaltera

    i like cheats for stage….help me plz………..?

  4. Roy Cabaltera

    help plz.. to download a godmode/one hit ko…. to my accout from stage only plz.. help us///

  5. ron

    pano magcheat?

  6. 19p3rfect75

    hinge po kua cheat plz ung one hit???

  7. godlike

    aq din penge ng cheats pls

  8. Ashby200

    pano mag cheat para dami exp hehe

  9. crosshattew

    enge nanm 1 ht cheat

  10. jhans

    plsss.. give me hack

  11. janzer70


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