Ragnarok online DS english version

While we play ragnarok online on our laptop and pc’s , the Japanese had released Ragnarok Online DS for nintendo ds consoles,

After its released in japan last Dec. 18, 2008, non-japanese players are looking for a way to play the game without the hassle of learning japanese language first.

and because of the demand, menus and in-game item names are now being translated by a small group of ds players with the use of a rom.nds(illegal) copy of the game and a patch they’ve created,

this group translate the japanese language to english, compiles and releases it as a Ragnarok Online DS English patch,

most of them use japanese to english books, katakana / hiragana books, software translator, and online translator as their tool.

Ragnarok online DS isn’t the regular ragnarok online we play on the PC, its a standalone action rpg only that is based on the original ragnarok online,

As of the moment, it currently allows 3 multiplayer users only in specific multiplayer dungeons and doesn’t include theĀ  massively multiplayer online (MMO) feature.

Ragnarok online DS Trailer

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  1. Xyren

    how can i get this ragnarok
    in my DS?

  2. jan2

    NA version will be out @ Winter 2009. Xseed will be the one responsible for localization.

  3. Kending Kamias

    thanks for the info!

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