Ragnarok new chaos bot

Since the day the pRO server merge began , more and
more pRO players are looking for a Ragnarok New Chaos Bot

some are specifically looking for the ip address and port of this new server, so they can configure their ragnarok bot programs to run .. while others are still wonderin’ on how to use one ..

for those who don’t know , ragnarok bots are use to automate your ragnarok character’s leveling while you’re doing something away from your computer, a ragnarok bot does all the work , from fighting monsters , to managing the loots and items , up to avoiding other players on a map.

sample of a bot program

debates between ragnarok players are endless, on whether the use of bot is beneficial or unethical ..

but until the day that an ultimate ragnarok anti-bot program in the universe is release
the only thing we can be sure of is bots are here to stay..

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  1. youngprof

    hinge naman po ako new bot sa chaos…?

  2. veinxz

    p2ro nmn magset-up ..ung maauz hah..wala kc aqng mhanap n mg22ro sa akin eh..bsta p2ro pong magbot..sa pRO.tnx..message nyu lng po ako sa fs q
    e2 po

  3. dhan

    ..paturo naman!! naligaw lang aq ng site:) cnu nakaka alam ng unli stamp sa mu pls email me dhan14clare@yahoo.com.ph thanks


    hi~ baguhan lng ako sa pagbobot…

    pa2long nman kung panu i set up.

    pti ung sa mga configs.

    lalu na ung sa support ng priest..


    paki send nlng po sa e-mail ko…

    magnumhearted@yahoo.com <— e-mail ko thx!!


    ENGE NMN NG BOT!!! tq poh x)) pa cnd puh d2 ji_ferido@yahoo.com

  6. carlo

    pa hinge aman po bot program para sa new chaos pakisend na lang sa email ko salamat po
    carlouy@yahoo.com <<<< send hir the ragnarok new chaos bot plzzz…

  7. francis

    send me bot for philippine ragnarok any working bot. here is my email address hellspawn77@gmail.com

  8. ronald

    pahingi po po ng config bot ng new chaos… maraming salamat

  9. ronald

    hingi po ng bot config ng new chaos… pasend po sa — ron_delivios31@yahoo.com
    maraming salamat

  10. c_k923zzz

    Skin po try nyo, pinag tagpi tagpi ko lng openkore 2.0.7 english version

  11. NEtz

    penge program nang bot config thanks more power pa send nalang sa email ko sweet_netz@yahoo.com

  12. Vrann Dawn

    config pls??

    e2 email coh kaze.dawn@yahoo.com


  13. jin

    pasend nmn po bot sa new chaos ro my email is kj_dalmacio@yahoo.com .. thank you! more power!

  14. didiboy

    pa send nlng po ng revpacket para sa pRO new chaos 2 email ko gamoul69@yahoo.com nid it badly

  15. LouiE

    hi too all members.pwedi po p share po ng newchaos Bot thanks LAaC_x@yahoo.com

  16. Cl0i

    pa enge nmna bot paps…..

    pa send please ngayun lng me naka balik RO
    E-mail = die4element@yahoo.com

  17. Blue`Ice Ging

    pasend aman din po aQ ng bot… badly needed po eh… mamats… doom03_toy@yahoo.com

  18. jack

    penge naman po ng bot at set up ng new chaos ..plssss
    Email ko po vincentxerxes16@yahoo.com

  19. kevin

    pa hinge po nmn ng bot plzzz….

  20. eustace

    Good day sir!
    Can you give me the link on how to create a bot in pRO new chaos? Thanks and more power to your website.

  21. paolo

    penge naman po pls ng new BOt sa NEW chaos

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