PSP Go is the bomb… not!

Most people doesn’t like the upcoming PSP Go as it just looks like a rebranded Mylo 2 with gaming where the its qwerty keyboard was just replaced with PSP buttons and an analog stick .

Anyway, with PSP Go’s compact design and a slider based system, this new psp is UMD-drive less and will live from psp game downloads through memory stick via PSN.

This news came out even before the (Electronic Entertainment Expo) E3 2009  in the June issue of Qore, a monthly lifestyle gaming program presented by playstation network, which covers exclusive news and interviews from the world of playstation.

Meanwhile, here’s the specs of PSP Go

  • Memory Stick Micro Slot
  • 16gb of flash storage
  • 43 % lighter screen than PSP-3000
  • 3.8 Inch Display
  • No UMD Drive
  • Full PSN (PlayStation Network) support
  • Integration with PS3 same as psp-3000


Even this  new PSP version came out in the market, I’m still gonna stick on my old psp-2000, for the simple reason that the PSP go  doesn’t have much new features to offer and still doesn’t have the 2 analog sticks which PSP fans like me are wishing for.

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