Pet Forest Online got me hooked

After almost a year of hiatus from blogging here in this little site of mine, There’s one point in my online life where I was introduced to facebook by a female friend, Yeah I’m already familiar with fb but I don’t have my own account as I don’t feel having one that time, Until this friend of mine had successfully convinced me to create my own account so she can show me her new pictures, then after creating my own fb account, there goes my very first facebook game…. PET FOREST!!!

Pet forest Online is like a browser based role-playing game just like any other online games, but this time its web based… considered as a MMORPG , pet forest is jam-packed with cute little characters that ranges from the usual basic mmorpg jobs.. like mage, warrior, archer and priests. Every player has the ability to capture pets (using traps) that can help them through battles using the pet’s own ability. There are no aggressive monsters in pet forest, I usually joke that they were just misunderstood monsters as they do nothing and we’re the one who;s hurting them that’s why they fight back.

It is fun to play pet forest, I can say that I was hooked after playing for several hours and day after day I played with my friend as we team up , take quests and level at the same time. why not try it? and if you’re already playing pet forest, why don’t you share your level, job and the server you’rein… put it as a comment below

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