Pet Forest Gold Hack, Cheats, Guide

When a game becomes popular , cheaters tend to look for cheats and hacks that will give them advantage over honest players inside a specific online game. Pet Forest is not an excuse.. as cheaters of the game are still looking for numerous ways to cheat the system.

Some examples of what they search are Gold Hack, Level faster cheat or speed hack, item dupes or duplication etc. and these are just a few sample of the many objectives of a pet forest cheater.

And instead of teaching you how to cheat pet forest, here are simple tips from a simple PFO (pet forest online) player like me that you can apply on your daily pet forest adventure

TIP # 1 : Team up with another player, that if you’re a mage, archer or warrior .. why not team up with a priest, it will not only make you save money from buying potions due to their healing powers, it will also make the killing of monsters much faster as you would attack instead of using the “use potion” action.

TIP # 2 : Use the full capacity of players inside a team [5 players max], and by this way, killing of monsters will be an ease, and did i forgot to tell you that more party members equals more monster and more monster to kill means faster EXP. for all party members =))

TIP # 3: Quest , Quest , Quest!! take all the quests available on your “QUEST window”, and with these, not only you’ll get free items, sometimes gold but you’ll also get lots of EXP. as well.

These are just simple tips and a simple reminder to all of us that we don’t need to cheat the game. just play , enjoy and make friends.

more tips and pet forest guides to come ^__^

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