Mico and Mr. Champ – The Forgotten Jollibee Mascots

Most of the jollibee kids today will just stare blank at you if you talk about Mico and Mr. Champ of Jollibee, as they were dropped from the Jollibee Mascots lineup years and years ago.

Actually these mascots are discontinued products of Jollibee, as Mico represents jollibee’s milkshakes together with his partner Lady Moo, Mr. Champ the boxer represents the Big size burger of Jollibee called Champ Premium Hamburger and another mascot called Chickee (chickenjoy) was also introduced back in the 80’s and the early 90’s but again was dropped from the mascots lineup after several years,

All we have today are memorabilia of these lovely Jollibee mascots, Below is Mr. Yum and Mico’s toy trash can which I got from my early childhood days. These are real working miniature trash cans with Mico and Mr. yum on the stickers

And this is a Mr. Champ Rubber Figure , its like a train that can be connected to other train pieces of the other Jollibee mascots.

Its a sad thing that the children nowadays won’t ever, ever have a chance to meet and greet these lovely mascots in a Jollibee kids party.

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