Maria Ozawa in Hongkong Anime Comic and Games Fair

Japanese AV Idol Maria Ozawa gave out hugs for the first 40 people who lined up for the 13th Hongkong Anime, Comic and Games Fair which was held last july 29, 2011.

Hongkong is a home for fans of Anime , comics and games, but this years event draws more crowd than usual not just for the toy collectibles, but for the chance to hug a former japanese av star, no other than maria ozawa or miyabi, a former japanese av idol who just recently switch on doing mainstream media like music videos, television and films.

Maria Ozawa competes with Taiwan’s Guo Shuyao or “Yaoyao and model “Ah Tan” Tang Yee-ling for an hour, where the one who gave the most number of hugs in a space of 1 hour will win the position to be the spokeswoman for the RTO Online Game,this hug-hug gathering event was organized by GameOne Group for the 2nd time to attract buyers to their stall.

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