Level Up Games to launch Freestyle 2

After the very much success of Freestyle Street basketball , Level up games will soon to launch Freestyle 2.

The newest installment will have new characters to offer , new moves , and a new gameplay perhaps.

rumors from the fs forum says that it will have its beta testing before going commercial and fs users that are somewhat active for the past several months are qualified for fs 1 to 2 account migration.

but let’s all wait for the official announcement of LUG for that.


Gamekiss a part of Joycity which is a publisher in Korea has already began its Freestyle 2 beta testing last february 1, 2009,

players who attempted to play on their servers has failed to do so, because Gamekiss blocked the IP’s from countries that already started servicing FreeStyle or is scheduled to service in the near future.

meanwhile , here’s a youtube video posted by level up games

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  1. mihaelkheel

    hope you can send us information once your project has been on sales from now on specially the best game freestyle!

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