Installing grand chase to a different drive

Some software installers doesn’t give you the option to choose on where you want to  put the installation files other than the drive where your operating system is located, (drive C: for most of us)

but by using a simple registry hack, you can change the default installation folder which is “C:\Program Files” to the drive letter of your choice,

some small applications can do this, but for now,  I’ll teach you  how to achieve this task by simply editing the registry,

Warning: modification of registry can cause irreversible damage to your operating system, use this information at your own risk.

It is better to backup your registry first before doing anything on it , and here’s how I do it.

Backuping registry
Open Backup utility> Start> Run> type ntbackup > click ok

or you can also do this by going to,

Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> click Backup

click backup wizard > next> only backup the system state data,

choose a file destination and name, and when a problem occurs after you’ve edited the registry, you can restore it later  to its original setting by using the backup you’ve just created.

Changing Default Installation Path
(I’m using win xp, this may not work on other versions of windows)

Step1: Open regedit, go to START> RUN > type in REGEDIT (press ok)


Step3: (at the right side) look for ProgramFilesDir , right click on it and select modify,

then change the C:\Program Files to the drive letter of your choice

example: E:\Program Files ,

on whether you can use a different folder name, instead of  “Program Files” , I’ve already tried it, and the default installation still goes to the program files folder and not on my custom folder. so let’s keep it that way.

after you’re done editing the registry, restart your computer for the change to take effect,

and then you’ll can see that windows already created a new program files folder in that drive letter, you can also see that other windows bundled softwares like media player is  also inside your new program files folder, but its normal.

now Install grand chase , or any other software that doesn’t have the file destination option.

you can keep it that way for future software installations or change it back to its original setting using the same registry editing steps above.


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  1. John M

    I HAVE A PROBLEM!!! This guide helped me in editing the registry. But after I restarted my pc, I immediately clicked the GrandChaseSetup.exe and still it tells me to free up some memory. I need help. Please. I want to play this game badly. Thanks.

  2. Kending Kamias

    john, try this

    windows start->run
    type %temp%

    then delete all temp files

    if it doesn’t work, try to move your c: temp folder to another drive which has more free space,

    right click my computer>properties>advanced>environmental variables>system variables> look for TMP and TEMP

    (make a temp folder on new drive location first before editing)

    then set it to a new location, ok —
    then restart pc to take effect.

  3. John M

    Ive done it all. Still it affects the Drive:C. Sorry. I came to the part where it is saying “Extract file 1 (etc).” and after that my Drive:C went down to 59 mb so still. It was a failure. Why is install shield like that. xD

  4. John M

    THANK YOU!!! I GOT IT SOLVED!!! 😀 Merry Christmas^^

  5. Kending Kamias

    great! 😀

  6. John M

    How can i revert the environment variables on its original path? I think it affects my gaming. Thanks.

  7. Kending Kamias

    just change it back to drive C:

  8. Justin

    wah/ namiss ko na site na 2 ahh……

    i want GRAND CHASE COMICS!!!!!

  9. John M

    XD. Poor me, I got a “Error loading operating system” while jumping in the Gaiko’s Castle. Now I have to reformat. LOL. My computer’s partition sucked so goood. ^_^. Happy New Year

  10. Kending Kamias

    Happy new year!

  11. mj

    can i ask? can pentium 3 support grand chase tell me plz

  12. Jamie Green

    What about to hack GC? ive done all the config. stuff yet my comp keeps restarting y?? plz help!!

  13. bryan

    can u giv me cheats , kahit ano na or could you help me clear kazeaze………. hirap kz ahm add nyo poh ako soulripper13 ung nik nym q

  14. jun

    pLEASE heLP !! everytime i oPEn THE GRAnd CHAse exe. it says parameter is incorrect !! CANNOT CONNECT SERVER WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

  15. danlerry

    kending kamias:could you help me download grand chase?because i want to game it right now!

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