install 6.35 pro hen + iso tool

My 8 yr. old cousin ask me to put some homebrew games on his psp 3000 , like the games i have in my psp 2000 with a custom firmware . Here’s the solution I’ve done for him to play homebrew games.

1)I updated his psp firmware to 6.35 (official)
2)then I downloaded the signed 6.35 Pro Hen by Liquidigong
3)I extracted it and place it in the psp game’s folder
<< ms0:/PSP/GAME/635PROHEN/EBOOT.PBP 4)Then It can be run directly from the XMB in the psp's game > memory stick menu
5)run the pro hen, and if successful you can now play your homebrew games.

This method will bypass the Minna No Sukkiri demo exploit that was used before to play homebrew games on the psp 3000 and psp go.

I also use iso tool v1.960, to create game icons in the xmb so there will be no more need for a prometheus iso loacer

There you have it, If you followed the steps above, you can now play homebrew games in your psp 3000 or psp go with TA-v88v3 board.

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    very nice..

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