How to use facebook page as employer link

Here’s a trick on how to use facebook page as employer link as sometimes your desired page isn’t showing on facebook employers drop down results.

1) Go to your profile page and click “Edit Profile”

2) On the left side, click “Education and Work”

3) Open a new tab, If you’re using firefox, download the web developer add on for chrome users download web developer add on here

4) Now go to your facebook page that you want to be attach on your employer link then click edit page, copy the numbers that will appear on your url bar that comes after the official name of your page (if it is already using the vanity url facebook uses)
example: < here's the number i'm referring to 5) copy the number and then go back to your "Education and work" type the page you want to link to, if it appears , you're in luck, if not, let's continue, 6) after you install the web developer tool, you will see a new toolbar in your browser, click forms then display from details 7) look for this line of code ' input name="employer_id ' then paste your page number to the gray box 8) click the display from details button again in your web developer tool and fill the rest of the details Now you've learned on How to use your facebook page as employer link

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