How to convert OGG to mp3

How to Convert ogg to mp3 ?

If you want to get the mp3 version of any online game sound file or any sound file with an .ogg file extension

all you have to do is to get an ogg to mp3 file converter like what I’m using, which is “free mp3 wma converter”, its a freeware so it doesn’t have any limitations and of course — free!

now download the free mp3 wma converter


(just copy the url above and change the hxxp to http)
and install,

you have the option to install the other addons bundled with the installation file, but as for me, I don’t usually install addons as long as it is not needed for the program to work

I unchecked these buttons (those with green circles)


and I just install the free mp3 wma converter component and unchecked the other three


when you’re all set, let’s start converting ogg to mp3!

First start the program, and add file by clicking the folder icon  on the upper right corner (see photo below)


now choose the .ogg file you want to convert to mp3, press open

how-to-convert-ogg-to-mp3-photo-4start converting, or you can choose on where you want to put the converted file, to do this just uncheck the “save in the file’s directory”(1) and press the output path button (2) see reference below


now press the convert button and wait until it finishes converting, (you can also use this converter on other audio file conversions) see supported audio formats on the download page

after that, you can now enjoy your favorite .ogg music on mp3 format,

put it on your  mp3 player or other device that doesn’t support the .ogg file extension


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