Friendster Tagalog

Friendster is now available in tagalog,

ok.. maybe its old news for you…

but did you know that aside from English and tagalog , other non-english languages like Chinese (simplified and traditional) , Korean, Japanese, Malay, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai and vietnamese are also supported.

huh?! you already heard it too?


for those who don’t have computer access all the time,
you can join and add all the beautiful and gorgeous virtual friends on your friendster account by just using your mobile phone and by going to friendster’s mobile website

If you want to set your account to your prefered language, all you have to do is login to your friendster account, go to settings , scroll down until you see the “select language” dropdown list, choose the language of your choice and save.

and if you just want to try it, there’s always the handy select language option on  the upper right corner of your friendster page.

by the way, I’m building an empire of virtual friends on friendster 🙂 , so if you’re interested, just add me

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