Friendster Private Profile Viewer 2009

More and more people are searching on the web for a friendster private profile viewer, even my friends do ask me if I have one.

They visit different websites just to find out that there are no working web-based friendster private photo viewer anymore, maybe a few months ago there was, but looks like friendster has already made a patch for all those security loop holes that are responsible for the leak of users private photos.

Most of these websites that offer free online tools that can view public and private photos from a private profile of a friendster users are already suspended by their web hosts , maybe because of bandwidth issues due to the amount of people who want to view pictures that are intentionally hidden by their owners.

There are also softwares circulating around that promises users that they can view a friendster’s private profile by just using it, but most of the time these are just fake programs originally made to put malicious wares on your computer.

– Just a simple tip for all the girls who don’t want to be a target of friendster private profile viewers,

“just don’t upload any photos” or don’t use any good looking picture as your primary one on your friendster profile, its like putting yourself as a live bait in a swarm of monsters…

Some people just simply like discovering hidden treasures (private photos in this case) , some are just too curious on what kind of photos are you hiding on your private photo album and why are you hiding it from the public, while  some may adore you,  some people are just totally maniacs!

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