Free nintendo ds games download

What’s your take on Free nintendo ds games download ?

I don’t want to be a hipocrite, I do have some free nds lite games on my DS lite, but aside from that, I’m also a proud owner of legit nintendo ds games

let’s accept the fact that most us are guilty of having
one, a dozen or a hard disk full of gazzilion non-legit nintendo ds lite games.

unethical perhaps.. but some says they’re just practical..
Illegal because you’re using a copyrighted material,
but self proclaimed freedom fighters who are somewhat promoting the use of free nintendo ds games says… that it all boils down to the individuals choice if he or she wants to use a legit or a free copy of NDS lite games .

but on the game creators side, the use of nintendo ds nds or nintendo ds roms has its big effect on these companies who has shredded millions of dollars to create, publish and market their games and in the end, are just being ripped off by their once targeted market.

the use of illegal nintendo ds lite games not just only hinders game companies from gaining money, but also making them stop on creating good games in the future.

now let me hear from you.. what’s your take on the use of free nds games and nintendo ds lite games ?

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