forum avatars

want to customize any of these avatars and put your character name on it without using photoshop, paint or any other photo editing applications?!


All you have to do is to use this web-based photo captioning application….

.. roflbot from wigflip click here

copy – paste any of these codes below, into (roflbot)

” Start with a picture from the web “ and press Go

now choose the font style of your choice, tiny font size, type your ckboards name/alias, resize the font until it fits , and it will look just like this.

save it and use it as your ckboards avatar,


more avatars coming soon!

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  1. Jerome

    Nice kending 🙂

  2. Kending Kamias


  3. Jerome

    Ginamit ko si cotonton. tapos inedit ko yung buhok ginawa ko na black tapos ginamit ko na avatar sa ym 🙂

  4. Kending Kamias

    ayos! ,
    patingin! hehe

  5. Jerome hehehehe

  6. Kending Kamias

    haha, nagpatina ng buhok!

  7. Jerome


  8. Justin

    kendi, gawa ka avatar sa grand chase!

  9. Kending Kamias


  10. james

    yehey!! naka gawa na ako ng avatar koh

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