Download RF Online Philippines Client

Rising Force , RF Online or RFO is a free mmorpg developed by CCR and was published by level up games here in the philippines.

It is a mix of classic fantasy and science fiction, where sorcery and futuristic technology exists and were use by the 3 races at war called Bellato, Accretia and Cora.

Download the client installer of RF online below using 2 different methods:

RF Online Installer direct download (browser)
part 1 (650mb)
part 2 (650mb)
part 3 (650mb)
part 4 (301mb)

Rising Force Client torrent download
(you need a torrent client like utorrent )

If you’re too lazy on downloading the files above, I suggest you go to the Level up office to get a FREE cd installer of this game.

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