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Now that sony officially renamed their Next generation portable or NGP console as PS Vita how can we be sure if this new portable device from sony is really unhackable.

Sony revealed on E3 that the new PS Vita will be equipped with an embedded battery attached on the handheld’s touchscreen so removing it will not just void the ps Vita warranty but will also risk your unit being brick. As you may know, the previous psp units are all equipped with a removable battery thus the pandora battery is so easy to use to unbrick this devices.

Will we ever see things like Download PS Vita Games again in torrent sites like piratebay, or in file hosting sites like rapidshare , mediafire, filesonic, hotfile, megaupload and more?

New games will be release together with the release of PS Vita in the market this December, if the embedded battery is the case to the unhackability of this new device, an exploit or a loophole will surely be discovered by someone in the near future, thats why the words like Download PS Vita Games , or PS Vita Games Download will surely hit your eyes again when you browse the internet ,

and btw, sony and developers will add a security code to games so these games will remain unhackable for 60 days after its release.

If you are looking for PS Vita Games Download or Download PS Vita Games , you can buy them at the playstation store for a very cheap price.

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