Downgrade Yahoo Messenger

There are times that we need to revert back to an older version of a software after a bug has showed up when we tried to update it, but most of the times its just the new interface or look that made us want to revert back to the older one.

A few weeks ago, I updated my yahoo messenger to the newest version and found out that some features that I’m use to are not there anymore, its like a totally redesigned YM.

It’s all ok for me, but not for my 2 online buddy, so they asked me on how can they revert back their yahoo messenger to its older version,

I told them that they were silly as they want to downgrade YM instead of upgrading it.. but upon their request, I’ve searched and found out that there are websites that provide old version of softwares including yahoo messenger.

So, if you’re just like my online buddies who want the “feel” of the older version, go ahead and use them at your own risk, Anyway.. you need to uninstall your latest yahoo messenger first before proceeding to the installation of the older version

Note: I’m no way responsible for any problem that you may encounter upon using it.

you can download them here. link

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  1. Jim

    I hate the new Yahoo Messenger 9.0 version. I’m going to revert to an older version with pleasure!

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