Ding Dang Chocolate Biscuit Ball

If you’re a kid of the 90’s, I’m sure you’ll remember “Ding Dang”..  Its the chocolate biscuit balls that comes with a toy in every box.. (and please call that a marketing strategy.. LOL).

See the purple box below? that’s a merely 15-17 year old ding dang box hiding inside my old room.

Is it just me or the blue cat somewhat resembles “Doraemon”?


I always bug my mom to buy me one every time she picked me up from school ,  I want a Ding Dang box not because of the chocolate biscuit balls inside,  its not that really yummy actually… I want it for the SURPRISE TOY!

My mom is a Ding dang hater back then, because whenever I eat these sweet chocolate wafer balls,  It doesn’t miss a chance to give me a Tonsillitis.

I don’t know if the “Phil-Sing Food Mfg Corp” stated at the box is still around and manufacturing this product, I think it just disappeared from my sight since I was in  grade school.

And after reading some blogs, I just found out that ding dang is not really a Philippine made product, You won’t find any pieces right here but it looks like it is still available in several stores in Singapore and in Malaysia.

Now, my hopes on getting a Ding Dang box at this time is still possible!

So, if you spotted a “ding dang box” anywhere around metro manila,  just tell me and I’m definitely gonna buy a whole pack!. I want my little sister to experience the excitement of opening a purple chocolate box that has a mysterious  cheap toy inside.  hehe

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