Crazy Kart’s Roulette “Winnings” Table List

As I promised before, here’s the crazy kart’s roulette “winnings” table list for 1x to 9x betting,

it’s a swf file, so you need to have flash player installed into your browser, you also need your pop-up blocker disabled because the link will open in a new custom size window.

(click image below to view the table list)

btw, you can also play with that slot machine,

Happy crazy kart gambling!

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  1. Anonymously Anonymous

    i dont get this.. is this a cheat so i can always win the roullete?

  2. Kending Kamias

    this is just a table list to show your potential winnings,
    if you follow the betting guide i posted here

    its more of a betting technique , and definitely not a cheat.

  3. potoids

    san crazy kart po yan sa phil lang po b yan?

  4. Kending Kamias


    oo phil server ang nilalaro namin

  5. » Archive » Crazy Kart’s Casino - Roulette Ultimate Guide!

    […] click to see roulette winnings table list for x1 – x9 betting […]

  6. cyb0rg

    Hello kending kamias can you give me some tips hehe

  7. mapera

    ano po ba ung cheat ung manaalo ka lagi sa roullete ang hirap kac pa pera eh email nyo sakin ung cheat sa plz thankz sa nag bigay

  8. aThEm

    mga kuya panu kohh makukuha ang cheat sa gold ^^

  9. aThEm

    aku din kua pasa ninyo ako cheat sa email kohh sa roullete table eto email kohh bigay ninyo n lng sa akiN^^thxx pohh…

  10. loko2

    panu po ba ung cheat d ko magetz e…paki pasa sa email ko ym…

  11. Onykz

    kuya panu po 2 PH po yung nilalaru ko panu po gamtin 2 paki send nlang po sa EMAIL ko……….
    w8 ko po huh
    nid lang pow……….

  12. pips03

    ako rin paki pasa ung cheat sa roullete table paki pasa nalng sa email ko

  13. ALzoTea

    ako din pakipasa sa email ko ung cheat sa roullete plzzzz sa email ko

  14. snwberboy

    pahingi ng cheat

  15. Ejhay03


  16. anti-cheaters

    mga weak.. umaasa sa cheats

  17. mark19

    ako din po hindi ko magets kung pano ung cheats. p2ro naman po, pkipasa nalang din po d2. ym,

  18. HyBriD32 =Elite=


    kung meron dun cheat. pwd pakisend? 🙂

    kasi.. prng d nmn pwd ang cheat kpag online eh…

    ano ba un? CHEAT? “TYPE”? o “RUN” na CHEAT..

    Hmmm…. /:)

    TNX nlng kung meron… 🙂

    at uhh…
    kung wla CHEAT pwd mail nyo sakin ang tip? pano manalo dun? 🙂

    gs2 ko kasi sana makabili ng HYBRID na SASAKYAN ehh… 🙂

    pa add nlng po sa FS.. 🙂

    sa YM..


    sa GETAMPED…





    HyBriD32 =Elite=

  19. yamato

    Pls Po Paki pasa Nlng ung Cheat sa Email ko!!

    Gold Hack!! thnx ^_^

  20. dondon

    master bakit po hindi na man makuha yung golg points!!!!!!!

    tapos na wawala po!!!!!

  21. dondon

    bakit po ganon!!!!!!

    kung may alam pa po kaung cheats jan paki
    pasa na lang po master

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