Crazy Kart Philippines Open Beta

Crazy kart philippines will be wiping out all closed beta account on the 28th of July
in their preparation for the crazy kart open beta on July 31.
New avatars and cars will be introduce and we’ll be expecting more maps,

Did I say uber-cool but difficult, curvy and dangerous maps?

You’ll know what I’m saying when you watch these in-game footages I’ve found at youtube,

Mooncastle level 8 map

Ice Castle level 12 map (a hidden map that only shows up in “random map” mode)

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  1. Jerome

    tinatamad na ako magcrazy kart kasi madedelete char natin :P. Paminsan minsan nalang magool 😛

  2. zelfia

    pafix naman powh ng nahack kong crazycart account,,nakakainis po,,,[pa email nalang po sa e add na to,,,,,salamat powh

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