Crazy kart closed beta and the annoying internet connection

When it comes in choosing online games, At first, I will look for game reviews of that particular game, along with that are in-game screenshots, and if they’re not available I will look for small clips that can be found in video sharing websites like youtube.

I always do that when I want to know if a game client is worth downloading. because most of the time, a game client will take hours of downloading because of their big sizes, it is very time consuming for a person like me who has an internet speed which is only a portion of what the other side of the world has.

Compare to most of Japanese internet users who are experiencing 100MBPS of fiber optic internet speed, I only have 0.5 of that for a wireless broadband which is unsafe from lightning and gets easily disconnected when it rains.

And even if the Japanese say that they don’t get the promised 100MBPS from their providers, that they’re just getting 25MBPS of speed, the value of their optic fiber internet is still a bargain for $50 that can only give you 1-2MBPS speed of internet here in the philippines.

Oh by the way, did I tell you that the 1-2Mbps is only a promised speed? that most of the time you would only get half of that to a quarter of that speed, and then you’ll end up talking everyday with these ISP’s call center operators — reporting disconnection problems and dealing with their very annoying memorized answers that they got from their very own “fixing your internet connection for dummies” book.

ok enough of that …

Looking through all this things, it will also save me a big chunk of my hard drive space if I don’t want it to be congested with games I don’t like. If I saw that the gameplay of a certain game looks good, or if it just catches a tiny part of my “game taste bud” , I’ll download it and play it.

And that’s what I’ve done before downloading this newly released game of levelupgames inc. which is Crazy kart, a racing game — packed with weapons you can use against your enemies and lots of weapons and traps you must dodge when they fights back.

I’ve been playing this addictive game since the day it was released by levelupgames. And that just show how addictive and fun to play this game.

you can register for a Crazy kart Closed Beta account here
while you can download the crazy kart client through different ways at the Crazykart website

According to Crazy kart player HappyKnappy a.k.a. Flyff’s GM Atma or Level Up Games Inc. Sir Wudie , crazy kart Closed beta will lasts until july 31 only , on that day all CB accounts will be deleted, and all players must register again to play this crazy addictive game.

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  1. Rome

    Hi Kendi! 🙂 Musta na? D na ata tayo nakalaro. DC parin kasi ako ng DC pag peak hours. Sana maglaro naman tayo uli. Try ko mag adik mode sa open beta 🙂

    c Salleh pla ito or Chopsuey or Rome haha

    btw, maganda site mo 🙂 talk tayo later about SEO and other stuff para d2.

  2. Kending Kamias

    salamat sa pagbisita salleh! sige at mag usap tayo sa ym na makikita mo dun sa post ko sa website mo

  3. Jhigz

    Kendi wahaha~ Busy ka sa kabilang server ah~ nu ym mo? add mo ako akocjhigz~ lamu na kung cnu ako haha!~ nice site BTW~ astig~

  4. Jerome

    Amf adik ka minsan nalang ako makapgOL …. enge naman ng domain lol libre mo naman ako sa ganyang domain lol

  5. Kending Kamias

    tagal ako di makakalaro, aalis ako maya gabi

  6. Jerome


  7. Kending Kamias

    lol @ arctares

  8. -BuGz-

    hello mga guys….ganda kulay ng site mo. parang kendi tlga….ganitong kulay ung motiff namin nun…hehe…balitaan mo kami sa presscon mo ha. tanong mo kung labas na ung ibang maps….hehe….sa free time nyo, schedule kayo para sama sama tayo dun sa kabila. tirahin natin mga vietcong…..haha…pagopen beta d2 gawa ka guild. sama2 tayo. wag kang kukuhang maangas….tama nang c jhigz lng maangas satin….hahahaha….joke…..good luck bro… saka wag KUYA….amf!

  9. Jhigz

    hoi mga bu**t CK na tayo wahaha!~

  10. Jerome

    Hindi ako masyado makaOL ngayun sa Crazy Kart masyadong Busy na ako e T_T. Pasulpot sulpot nalang ako T_T

  11. Jhigz

    woi CK na tayo wahaha~ wala iwanan sa Aug 1 ah~

  12. Kending Kamias


    oo si jhigz lang hahahaha


    bastos ! 😀


    sabihin mo madami ka nilalaro bukod sa crazy kart, adek talaga bwahaha

  13. -BuGz-

    kendi, san ka ba napunta at tagal mong nawala? natuloy ba presscon? ano balita? july 31 na pala open beta. sa 28 close na CK. dun muna tau sa kabila.

  14. Kending Kamias

    natuloy presscon ng ck noong 23 pero di ako nakadalo dahil di ako pwede, sige sa kabila , lol

  15. Jhigz

    Hoi anung ako maangas wahaha! loko kau ah. Kendz ganda na ng site mo. c Salleh busy rin pero lalaro daw xa. Uncol Rocker sabay tau sa Aug 1 ah .oi Arc lentek bumangon kana at durugin natin cla wahaha~

  16. Jerome

    Hindi ako magpapalevel sa Crazy Kart para magmukhang weakling ako 😛 . Gawa kayu guild 😛 :p 😛

  17. samilbz

    Kending…na delete ko yung game natin..ung nirecord koT_T
    sayang..accidentally press lngT_T
    sana maglaro tayu ulit at tatalunin na kita^^

  18. Kending Kamias

    ok lang yun kahit nadelete!

  19. Jerome

    Uu marami akong nilalaro XD … pero mas gusto ko ang CK kesa sa iba XD ….

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