flyff comics – codename kendi

I have a new fan-made comics for flyff (fly for fun),
go check it out


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English Translation

panel pattern

panel 1
Amishime: you think you can escape huh ?!
aibatt: help! hold-up!

panel 2

“aibatt is now dead*
Amishime: alright!

panel 3
KendingKamias: looks like she’s gonna eat the lollipop that already got into the grass

panel 4
KendingKamias: oh my, it’s already full of germs!

panel 5
KendingKamias: I need to do something…

panel 6
KendingKamias: “shouts” codename!

panel 7
Kendingkamias: Kendi! (transforms)

panel 8

panel 9

read codename kendi – lollipop page 2 here

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  1. Jerome

    Waw, mala Power rangers ah, hahaha

  2. Kending Kamias


  3. rachellelyn

    asan ung page 2????

  4. Alexis

    wala pa bang part 2?Ang galing eh ^^

  5. Kending Kamias

    meron page 2 di ko palang nagagawa hahaha

  6. ruben_gonzaga

    gawan mo pa nang part2 at kending ^_^ galing talaga binasa ko lahat nang story subrang galing ☺☻!♥3♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥you

  7. mikaleidoscope

    ang galing ah 🙂 may fs ka kending kamias?

  8. waltz003

    ang galing mo naman………….

  9. dee

    hi kending kamias! i just found your site through the top blogs directory! i love your work! keep it up!


  10. katcor

    cheat grand chase

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