My Coca Cola Pogs Collection

There’s a collector in all of us, I can say that I’m guilty of collecting things since I was a child, and let me share you my coca cola pogs collection that I used to collect during the 90’s which is also my childhood years.

My great grandmother used to have a sari sari store that holds a large market in our area back then, and her helper who is also one of our relative use to collect all the coca cola softdrinks cap with free pogs for me 😀 , then after that my second cousin’s father will drive me to the softdrinks truck using his motorcycle so I can trade the “FREE POG” bottle caps for real playable pogs 😀


Pogs are circular cartons with designs on it which are played by the kids during the 90’s , it originated from milk caps game which was later made into colorful cartons for kids to enjoy 😀

pogs collection

I still have lots of unopened coke pogs inside my closet, they’re merely 15 years now (call them vintage 😀 lol) And if you’re gonna see them in real life, I can guarantee you that they are still fresh and in mint condition, thanks to the wonderful wooden box of tea that I’ve used to keep them. 😀

vintage coca cola pogs

We’ve used to play “tsa tsub” or “hagis” back then to gather more pogs from other kids , then we also play the game of pog where you’ll need to bet some pogs with your opponent, then the game of “jack en poy” will declare the player who will have the first turn, then one must flip the pogs using another pog that will act as a slammer,all the flipped pogs will go to the one who flip it.

some also use real pog slammers, and slammers are like these.

pog slammer

I think only two orignally came from coke, its the white one in second row and the black one in the bottom middle, the others two (red) are from ovaltine I think and the remaining slammers are just bought from the store beside our school 😀 . . .

Getting to see my vintage cokePOGS again has put some joy in my heart for the memories that these little piece of colorful cartons gave me, from the friends that I’ve gathered to the process and technicalities of collecting them 😀
How about you? do you still have your coca-cola pogs with you? 😀

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  1. jm

    I used to have that vintage coca-cola pogs.. But suddenly, my relatives gave it to someone else few weeks ago.. I collected those pogs since when I was 10 years old (1994).. I was so exhausted when I found out that my collection is gone already.. Huhu.. You’re right, those colorful characters were giving me joy in my heart.. I hope that those pogs will come back soon..

  2. Kending Kamias

    jm, I can say that Im selfish when it comes to collection like these 😀
    i don’t even let them to be touch by my 7 years old sister and cousins ,
    but they already have their own copy as i gave them some,
    my 8 years old cousin is always trying to convince me to give him all these,
    i told him to collect his own and now that’s what he’s doing with his
    angry birds pog collection 🙂

  3. jm

    Haiz.. I’m so jealous.. From now on, I will be selfish to when it comes to collections.. Hehe..
    I love collecting limited editions because it brings special flash back memories of your life even it’s a long time ago..

  4. Kending Kamias

    looks like we’re on the same age jm, do you also use to read
    funny komiks when you’re still a kid? 😀

  5. jm

    yup.. I love reading funny komiks when I was a kid..

  6. Kending Kamias

    cool 😉 , do you also collect them? i still have my copies with me,
    ill try to showcase it on a new post here, soon

  7. jm

    sad to say..
    all gone.. 🙁

  8. Kending Kamias

    sorry to hear that , anyways, watch out for my other blog entries as i will showcase
    my other childhood “basuras” hehe

  9. marjmarjmarj

    I am so jealous! Naitago mo pa. Mine kaseh I lost it all. I just missed playing POGS! And I really wanted to own them again. Alam mo ba kung san pa makakabili nito? :))

  10. Kending Kamias

    if you’re just looking for ordinary pogs, they are highly available in the market, ranging from spongebob, ben10 , plants vs. zombies up to angry birds printed pogs. but if you’re looking for the vintage coca cola pogs like the in my post, try looking for it on ebay ph or sulit website, I still have some extra coke pogs here, but I’m still thinkin’ if i’m gonna let it go. I’ll let you know.

  11. Balong

    can u please gave me a POGS ng coca-cola,
    20 pieces please

    where did u bought a pogs ng coca-cola

  12. Henry Jade

    Kendingkamias good evening, can you please sell me a set of pogs? please please please…

    i really want to BRING BACK MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES :'(

  13. Randy Caluag

    Hi kending K, would you share with me some of your pogs? Id be happy to trade some of my old cokes too

  14. Oliver


    Can I have your email ad. I too have pogs unopened. I can send the pics as proof. Maybe you want to swap your unopened pogs also so that we can swap. (REASON: Para maboo ko ung 24 pieces lahat. hehehe at para may isang set ako. haha)

  15. jed

    I kept mine in plastic bottle container of fish food flakes. is there a market for these coke pogs and slammers nowadays? I wanna get rid of my collection for a few bucks and pass the fun to another generation… hehe

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