Claw Crane Guide

Here’s a claw crane guide I somewhat made for those of you who are addicted, who can’t resist on playing claw crane or ufo catcher whenever they step inside an arcade.

First of all, claw crane or ufo catcher is a game where you will control a crane like machine to get the toy inside a glass box, Claw crane isn’t just a game of luck, sometimes luck can be useful but most of the time, skill is a must..

This Claw Crane game or UFO Catcher is a skill game, as you need to target the correct position of the toy, and also the correct position of the crane’s claw, and trust me, there are positions you need to learn and it also depends on what kind of stuff toys you are trying to catch.

Here are some claw crane tips you need to learn and of course, practice..

For rounded shape stuff toys: target the top center of the object
For teddy bear kinds: aim at the center of the stuff toys body

Warning: some claw cranes are rigged, as the grip of the claw cranes can be adjusted by the arcade stuff to the extent that it is impossible to get the toy inside a claw crane machine, what you can do is try to observe on which claw crane machine you should focus, and that is on claw crane machines that has a tight grip, doesn’t have a rotating crane claws, and of course, a reasonable size of stuff toy that is possible to catch with the available crane’s claw.

Claw Crane
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