Challenge MyBrute

I dare you to challenge MyBrute! She’s so strong and powerful mwahahaha!

MyBrute is so addicting that even you can’t control your virtual characters, It is so fun to watch them fight in a game of luck type of a fighting game.

It is so easy to get a MyBrute character, just type-in the character name of your choice, change its looks and the color of their clothes,then you are ready to fight.
You’ll also be given a personal mybrute link so you can post it anywhere you like so you can challenge other aspiring mybrute fighters!

Come, join and beat kendingkamias mybrute That is.. if you can!… LOL ..
But if you got the 0.001% chance of beating my MyBrute character, (hahaha! just kidding)… post a screenshot of it here (as your proof) and earn 1 raffle entry for my mini independence day raffle contest.

Let the fighting begin!

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  1. The Great One

    Start off with an advantage over everyone.

    Guarantee you to have a bear or a wolf by

    level 3. Sometimes even both. If not, I will

    give you a brute with one. I am still undefeated.

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