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A lot of cabal players are looking for a bot that will automate their character’s leveling in cabal. extra features like, auto loot, auto hp and mp, auto sell and buy, gm detection and auto answer IVC are also available in the cabal bot program that is available out there.

Cabal online bots are free to download before until its makers decided to make it a paid service.

These bots are available in different versions depending on the country where the cabal server is located, it is available for the USA, Europe, Singapore and of course for the Philippines where you will pay around 200 pesos for 30 days of use.

It even became a business for some pc shops and individuals where they resell these bot loads to earn a few bucks out of it thus making the use of bots more popular among cabal players.

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  1. kriezzen Papa

    i want to have bot for a private server ^^

  2. denden24

    hi iwant to have BOT/WALHACKS/AOE for CABALph

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