Best Webcam Games

Playing games in our pc’s with the use of a keyboard or a mouse can be called a thing of the past.

A software called camspace was developed by cam-trax technologies, which is nifty tool that will turn an ordinary webcam as your virtual controller.

see camspace in action:

Just imagine what kind of games you can play with it 🙂
download camspace beta link , don’t worry its free!

But If installing of softwares isn’t your thing, here’s a list of the best and fun web-based webcam games that I’ve found on the web. (You just need an ordinary webcam and a flash player installed in your browser, even cheap webcams (slow rate) works with these)

Night of the Ninja – fight ninjas with your hands
Candy Catch – touch the candy not the pumpkins
Snow sweeper – sweep the snow in your screen
Motion Bubbles – pop the falling bubbles
Eyekanoid – control paddles with your hands to removed the bricks using the ball.
Run robo run – Use both hands to slide or jump to avoid explosives

I know there’s a lot more of them, but these are just the ones that I’ve found much more interesting and fun to play with. enjoy!

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