Battle of handheld gaming consoles 2011 | Nintendo 3ds versus NGP PSP 2

This year, we will be dominated by two big names in the handheld gaming console world, its sony and nintendo that will soon be coming up with their next generation consoles.

Sony unveils its newest baby on its PSP line, the PSP 2 dubbed as NGP or Next Generation Portable armed with 3g connectivity , dual cameras and the most anticipated features of any psp users, the dual analog controllers!!, it is also equipped with an OLED touch screen that will open new windows to psp game makers.

And while sony is busy promoting their PSP 2, Nintendo will be coming up with a new product too, it is called the Nintendo 3ds that has new features like the home , start and select button that is lacking in the previous ds consoles, a 3d screen, a gyroscope and an accelerometer that will have some use for new games that needs tilting and shaking just like what ipod touch users do in some games available on their gadget.

Sony isn’t finish yet, as they will come up with another gadget that has a phone feature, let’s just wait for it, and for now the next question is.. When will microsoft release their own handheld gaming console ? so they can compete with these handheld gaming giants. oh wait.. maybe their too busy with their project natal 😀

Sony’s releasing date of psp 2 will be on the last quarter of the year while nintendo’s 3ds will be out on the market in march 2011 as stated on their website.

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