Battle Cats Infinite XP and Cat Food

Battle Cats in an android/ios defense game where you’ll be playing the part of the adorable kitties that you will raise through upgrading their strength and stamina with the use of XP that you gain from battles. The objective is simple, attack and destroy the enemy’s castle!!

Battle Cats Infinite XP and Cat Food


Battle Cats is a very addicting game composed of 3 different chapters with 48 levels each, and a challenge mode , upgrading cats is never been so cool as they evolve into another form every time each of them reaches level 10 and 20, a cat form with a spice of a humor that everyone would be giggling on.

Cat food can be obtain from daily playing and can be use to buy store items and special cats, while xp can be obtain from playing battles and can be use to upgrade every cats you have.

After playing and finishing the game, I still got lots of unlocked special cats and is so curious on how they look like in action, so I decided to search for Battle Cats Infinite XP and Cat Food , so I can buy these special cats and upgrade each and everyone of them. I found an app called Gamekiller, which is a very powerful tool which can edit some codes inside your game, the best in my opinion compare to GameCih and GameGuardian, Its an app you can only install in your device if you have root access.

If you’re going to cheat just to finish the game, I personally don’t suggest it as it kills all the fun and objective of the whole game. Battle Cats is a very good game, should you use an app like gamekiller, use it at your own risk.

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