A simple reason why I can’t afford to hate infolinks

There’s only one simple reason why I can’t afford to hate infolinks…

because they’re the greatest in in-text advertising! PERIOD!

It was mid-february when I signed up for an infolinks account,

I’ve heard and read some good reviews about it, but at first I thought those reviews isn’t true and are just promotional gimmicks made by people who holds too much “time” on their hands, until I registered an account on them.

After that, I found out that Infolinks is like the most underrated in-text advertising network out there,

maybe you’re asking me “why”?
I’m just gonna tell you , to register now and try..

when I compared infolinks to the other overrated, more popular and most use in-text advertising networks by publishers,
I can say that those other publishers who use other in-text advertising networks are missing ¾ of their internet life because they’re not using infolinks,

infolinks is like the yin and yang, bread and the butter, that’s how I will described the compatibility between publishers like me and infolinks.

you can treat them like your knight in the shining armor .. the savior among the sea of well known but NOT good performing in-text advertising networks.

I’ve seen sites using other in-line text advertising networks, and I’ve been also a user of a very well known in text advertising before, I can say that infolinks just gives the true meaning to in-text advertising, its like the internet santa clause giving free gifts (ads) to your web pages..

compare to other in-text advertising networks, infolinks serves a very good amount of in-text ads for my blog, which the previous one I’ve used on my other blogs can’t provide.

don’t be fooled and blinded by the popularity of a certain product, company whatsoever, learn to try new things, that’s the case on infolinks, that even it was fairly new to the market, you can’t deny the fact that they’re performing much better now compare to other in-text ad networks.


integrating infolinks code is just like breathing air, their website says that its a 1 minute code integration, ha! they’re just being humble, its actually less than that if you’re already accustomed in using your blog, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that! that’s just how easy their code integration is, its just copy paste, as simple as that!

their staff was great and very friendly, I felt that I was just like talking to an old buddy, answering my questions very politely and detailed when I ask them about adding another blog on my account..

these are just a few things on why I can’t afford to hate infolinks… I won’t be tired of repeating and saying that they’re the greatest on in-text advertising, because It is! at least for me; and I know that’s what other infolinks publisher will say as well.

all in all, it just all boils down to three simple words..



don’t ask me why, its like the feeling of belongingness , that even you are new to the internet, your blog could be accepted and be given a chance to earn some money from displaying in-text ads on your blog,

this is not a paid post or anything, this post is a product of contentment and joy due to the use of the very good service of infolinks …

be happy join infolinks today

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  1. Jerome

    Anu yan kending ha? XD

  2. Kending Kamias


  3. paul's Video game reviews

    parang adsense ba or adbrite? sa adbrite kasi nawawala yun links.

  4. Kending Kamias

    mas malapit sa kontera pero much better.

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